Pampered, Pruned & Generally Beautiful...

Grooming Services

  • Initial Treatment & Consultation
  • Before each grooming session, we like to discuss what your dog likes or dislikes as well as your requirements and what you expect from the session. This will cut out unnecessary stress to your dog during the groom and ensure they enjoy themselves as much as possible.

  • Bath & Dry
  • Treat your pet to a soothing wash using the very best nutrient-rich conditioning shampoos which add a healthy shine and softness to the coat. After bathing your pet will be towel dried before finishing off with the appropriate specialised drier which ensures the undercoat is fully dry.

  • Clipping & Hand Scissoring
  • To encourage a new healthier coat or achieve an easily maintainable coat for your pet, TopDogz clips the coat back to an appropriate length for the bread of dog.

    TopDogz stylists are trained in hand scissoring, a skill that requires practice and a well trained eye and is the key to professional pet styling. Expert knowledge of coat types combined with scissoring allows the stylist to add balance grace and style to your pet.

  • Ears, Eyes & Nails
  • We will gently clean your dog’s eyes and ears using specially formulated high quality products suitable for your dog.

  • Puppy Sessions
  • puppies should have a grooming experience from a young age, even if it is for a simple brush. We will ensure that their experience will be fun and exciting.

  • De-matting
  • De-matting (if necessary) will be done by hand using grooming tools. However, if some coats are badly matted, they may need shaving. We will discuss this further with you before hand.

  • Doggy Pamper Day
  • Doggy Pamper Day offers a meet and greet for both the dogs and their owners. Daytime walks followed by lunch (special diet requirements will be met). Then your dog will have an exotic bath & dry accompanied by ears & eyes clean and full brush. All finished off with activities and an afternoon nap. Not forgetting to mention that each dog will leave with toys and treats feeling fresh and revitalised.

  • Dog Minding
  • TopDogz can look after any size and bread of dog. Your dog will be cared for and fed - plus receive all the excerise they will desire. The TopDogz salon can cater for upto 4 dogs.

    For a full list of prices click here

Services & Events Coming 2012

TopDogz will be offering a wider array of services in 2012:

  • Mobile Grooming
  • TopDog of the Year Award
  • Purchase a "Full Groom" and your dog will be entered into the "TopDog of the Year Award". The winner will receive £100 of highstreet vouchers, a Doggy Pamper Day along with toys and treats.

  • Christmas & Easter Raffles
  • By purchasing a "Full Groom" for you dog you will be automatically entered into a prize draw. Prizes will be awarded to both the pets and their owners.

  • Micro Chipping
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